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BioClinic Naturals®

Mito Motile®

Mito Motile®

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Mito Motile®

Male Wellness Kit*



  • Comprehensive blend of antioxidants and nutrients to maintain healthy mitochondrial function in sperm, supporting healthy sperm production already within the normal range*
  • Consists of the most bioavailable forms of nutrients, including pyridoxal 5’-phosphate, vitamin D3, methylcobalamin, and L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate
  • Provides clinically relevant amounts of nutrients to support healthy male fertility*
  • Supports glutathione production, essential for detoxifying the body’s natural toxins in the maintenance of healthy fertility*
  • Decreases oxidative stress, supporting healthy male fertility*

Feature Summary:

Mito Motile provides comprehensive support for male reproductive fertility.* The kit consists of clinically relevant amounts of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, essential fatty acids, and critical supportive nutrients for healthy male function.* Healthy mitochondria need antioxidant nutrients that support cellular health which in turn supports healthy male fertility. Mito Motile has multiple mitochondrial optimizers, including L-carnitine, PQQ-10®, and CoQ10, shown to maintain healthy sperm and support healthy conception.* Resveratrol, vitamin E, selenium, and N-acetylcysteine help to detoxify the body’s natural toxins and support antioxidant activity to support spermatogenesis and maintain healthy sperm counts already within the normal range.* It also includes N-acetyl-L-cysteine (a building block for the production of glutathione), supporting antioxidant activity to decrease oxidative stress and maintain healthy sperm.* It has the mineral zinc, which supports healthy sperm count and motility, and decreases oxidative stress and promotes healthy sperm.* Its comprehensive nutritional support also includes clinically relevant amounts of the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, supporting healthy sperm as well as B vitamins for supporting energy production.*


Suggested Usage:
1 packet per day or as directed by a health care professional.

Contains no artificial colors, preservatives, or sweeteners; no dairy, sugar, wheat, gluten, soy, egg, shellfish, tree nuts, or GMOs.


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