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Bacopa Plus™

Bacopa Plus™

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Premier botanical support for focus, concentration, memory, and mental alacrity.*

  •  Supports memory, brain health, and a balanced nervous system.*
  •  Provides antioxidant protection for the brain.*
  •  Promotes clear thinking and healthy stress response.*
  •  Provides potent nonstimulant cognitive support.*

Bacopa Plus is a botanical formulation designed to promote healthy focus, memory, creativity, and cognitive alacrity.* It is a botanical blend loaded with antioxidant herbs that have historically been used to promote cognitive health.


Suggested Use: 

Take 1 capsule daily.
90 Count

Product Description: 

Bacopa and gotu kola have been well-studied for their mood-balancing and cognitive performance-enhancing qualities.* Gingko and convolvulus work to support healthy cerebral blood flow and mitigate oxidative stress.* Lastly, ashwagandha serves to promote physical energy and stamina, promote healthy sleep, and promote a healthy stress response.* Bacopa Plus combines traditional wisdom with modern botanical research to provide a streamlined formula that is as effective as it is elegant.

Key Herbs

Gotu Kola
Gingko Biloba

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