Start The Year off Strong

Start The Year off Strong

Article Published January 2, 2023
With the start of a new year and the cold weather settling in, our bodies seem to be a little more sluggish, we’re more prone to colds and flu, and reaching your weight loss goals is becoming more difficult.

What can you do to jump-start your body into health and wellness (and weight loss) for the New Year?

There’s no better way to jump-start your way to a healthier new you than with a whole-body cleanse. From Thanksgiving through the New Year festivities, we tend to indulge in sugary foods and drinks, leaving us feeling bloated, cranky, and maybe a few pounds heavier.
Why Cleanse?

Your liver, lungs, kidneys, gastrointestinal-tract, and skin all work to eliminate toxins that you take in from the environment as well as toxins made internally. Toxins can come from many sources: foods that have been exposed to pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers; hormones injected into livestock and poultry; chemicals and synthetic fragrances used in common household cleaners and personal care products; air pollution caused by burning of fossil fuels in cars and power plants; and treated wastewater that flows into rivers, lakes and streams that contain unwanted pollutants.

How many foods consisting of white flour, sugar and bleached oils do you consume weekly?

Think about it - Doesn’t it make sense that your liver can become tired, and your intestinal tract can become toxic over time? This can lead to constipation, fatigue, skin problems, headaches, sleep problems, digestive difficulties, and the list goes on.
Successful Weight Loss

If you feel a need for a structured detox and weight loss program, ask about our 10, 21, and 28-Day Standard Process Detox & Weight Loss Programs, with a proven track record of weight loss, improved mental clarity, deeper sleep, clearer skin, and better energy! These programs receive rave reviews and are truly the best way to jump-start a healthy lifestyle.

Ask a friendly team member for more information about our Standard Process Detox & Weight Loss Programs.

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Wishing a happy, healthy new year to all our special customers!

The Natural Alternative Team
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