Maximize Your Workout

Maximize Your Workout

Article Published February 1, 2022
Are you spending time at the gym and NOT getting the results you want? Here are some valuable tips from Jessica, our expert in sports nutrition:
“I’d like to share with you some of my favorite sports nutrition products which I use to boost the efficiency of my workouts as well as recovery. The Natural Alternative carries 2 great pre-workout powders. The first is called MRM Organic Pre-Workout Plant Based Energy and contains maca, red beet, mushrooms & matcha which support energy, endurance, and mental focus. I drink this pre-workout powder about 30 minutes before I begin to lift (weights/strength training). I've taken other pre-workout supplements that give me a boost but make me feel jittery as they contain a lot of caffeine. This pre-workout powder balances my body and boosts my weightlifting!
The second is from Ora called Renewable Energy Performance Pre-Workout and contains green coffee bean, yerba mate, matcha, and natural electrolytes from coconut water to keep your muscles hydrated while giving you a sustained energy to boost your workout without giving you the jitters! I use this primarily before my "Spin" classes as it keeps me hydrated and puts minerals and electrolytes that I sweat out, back in.

If you find yourself dragging at the gym, give one of these powders a try!
Post workout, it’s important to replenish with a protein powder. My go-to is Garden of Life’s Sport Organic Sport Plant Based Protein (also comes in “whey”), mixed with 8 oz of water. It mixes well with the shaker and isn't too sweet. I generally drink it towards the end or upon completion of my workouts, depending on how hungry I am. It can be used as meal replacement for weight loss if that is your goal. As everyone is unique, feel free to stop by our store with questions. I'm always happy to help.”

Stop by The Natural Alternative on Friday, February 11 from 11am-4pm and meet Jessica, our sports nutrition expert! Samples of pre and post workout formulas available, as well as special discounts on that day!
Wishing you the best of health!

The Team @ The Natural Alternative
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