It's Not Goodbye!

It's Not Goodbye!

Article Published May 12, 2022
My heart is feeling a bit heavy but certainly happy as I pass the torch as owner of The Natural Alternative, a store I gave birth to 27 years ago! You will meet the new owner in the very near future with finalization of the sale.
My team, which is led by my amazing and talented manager, Rachel Howell, will continue to provide all our loyal customers with the same standard of care and compassion that has made us a respected resource for the community’s health care needs.
I will continue working part-time doing nutritional consultations and helping you reach your optimal health goals! Rachel is currently studying for her CNC board certification as well as future training in Applied Clinical Nutrition so she will pick up where I leave off! Rachel graduated in May 2021 from Colorado State University with a BS in Nutritional Sciences. She is a great asset to The Natural Alternative and the community. So, it’s not goodbye, but see ya around!
I am planning to enjoy a new freedom to travel and enjoy life with my new hubbie (just got married in May!). After making the decision to sell The Natural Alternative and shedding a few tears (bittersweet!), I hope to see you around town as Steve and I love to frequent our amazing restaurants, wineries, hiking trails, and beaches!
Now, onto our June summertime promo!

Enjoy 20% off ALL sunscreen at The Natural Alternative!

We carry top selling sunscreens such as Badger, Original Sprout, Derma E, and local All Good from Morro Bay! As not all sunscreens are created equal, the difference is mineral protection vs. chemical protection. New research by Environmental Working Group reveals that chemicals commonly used in sunscreens are endocrine disruptors (upsetting hormonal balance), estrogenic (mimic estrogen), and may interfere with thyroid and hormone processes in the body. The Natural Alternative only carries mineral based sunscreens with ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium oxide which create a physical barrier protecting the skin from the sun. We have sunscreen creams, sprays, and sticks available. There’s an amazing tinted sun protection facial powder from Derma E with SPF 30 for easy brush and go sun protection!

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Stop putting chemicals ON your body that end up IN your body! Take the natural route with 20% off your favorite sunscreen from The Natural Alternative.

Stay well and be safe this summer!

Bobbi & The Team @ The Natural Alternative
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