All Natural Summer Essentials

All Natural Summer Essentials

Article Published July 5, 2022
During the scorching summer months in north county, many of us experience sluggishness, light-headedness, and the urge to stay indoors. Don’t let the heat keep you from enjoying your favorite outdoor activities. It all starts with proper hydration and sun protection!
Adequate hydration requires more than just drinking plenty of water. When we perspire excessively, we are losing tons of essential minerals such as sodium and potassium. Depletion of these important minerals causes symptoms such as extreme fatigue, dizziness, nausea, headaches, and muscle cramps.
Many electrolyte drinks on the market are filled with sugar and artificial colors, which do not support a healthful diet and lifestyle. At The Natural Alternative, we recommend Ultima Replenisher. Easy to make Ultima Replenisher is an all-natural electrolyte powder that comes in a variety of delicious flavors including lemonade, watermelon, cherry pomegranate, and more! Ultima replenishes all essential electrolytes in the body such as potassium, magnesium, and sodium. It also contains trace minerals, which assist in assimilation and absorption of vitamins and minerals.
Our clients report feeling more energy and less muscle cramps since integrating Ultima Replenisher into their routine. Kids love Ultima because it is easy to make, just mix a scoop with water and you are good to go! Ultima is also available in convenient on-the-go packets, perfect for soccer games, hiking, or the beach! If you are not the type to mix a powder, The Natural Alternative offers essential electrolytes in capsule form as well. Ask a wellness associate about electrolytes today!
All-natural sun protection is the second half of the equation. We recommend wearing a hat, sunglasses, and sun protection every day. For all-natural sun protection, apply a zinc-based sunscreen at least 15-30 minutes before going into the sun. Next, use an SPF-enhanced lip balm for added sun protection. We offer Zinc-based sunscreens and SPF lip balms from All Good, locally made in Morro Bay. We recommend All Good products because they are organic, reef-friendly, and safe for sensitive skin. Plus, when you purchase All Good products, you are supporting a local, women-owned business. Look for our selection of All Good products in the sunscreen section of The Natural Alternative.

During July, save 20% on Ultima Electrolytes and All Good SPF lotions and lip balms.

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 Wishing you all a safe and fun summer!

-The Team at The Natural Alternative



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