All Natural Allergy Relief

All Natural Allergy Relief

Article Published April 1, 2023

Allergens (agents that trigger an allergic response such as pollen from various plants) stimulate the immune system to release immunoglobulin, which in turn produces a histamine release. Histamine causes the body to flush, produce extra mucus, swells tissues, and can cause eyes to tear-the primary symptoms of hay fever. Other nasty symptoms include sinus congestion, headache, and burning eyes. The good news is there are several fast acting natural products that can relieve those nasty symptoms (without the side effects of certain medications).

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Natural D-Hist - is a targeted blend of flavonoids, antioxidants, proteolytic enzymes and botanicals designed to provide comprehensive support for seasonal challenges caused by common environmental allergens. The formula includes quercetin, bromelain, stinging nettles leaf and N-acetyl cysteine. The powerful combination actively promotes healthy nasal and sinus passages for individuals with elevated histamine and respiratory irritation.

Source Naturals Allercetin - is a Bio-Aligned Formula that utilizes natural homeopathic remedies for the treatment of allergies. Allercetin supports multiple body systems involved with hay fever: the respiratory system, sinuses, mucous membranes, histamine inhibition, immune desensitization, and cellular energy.

Matthew’s Honey - eating locally produced honey will lower your allergic reaction over time to the pollen that the bees collect in your area to make their honey. One example rumored to help with seasonal allergies is local honey. Local honey is raw, unprocessed honey made close to where you live.

Breathe-X - provides sinus support and soothes nasal passages. It helps manage healthy tissues in the respiratory tract, while supporting immune function and providing antioxidants to assist in detoxification. Breathe-X usually helps with allergy symptoms and sinus discomfort within 30 minutes of taking it. Many people see even greater results when taking this product over a longer period of time, specifically for 3-4 months.


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